Spectrum Renovations Condo Conversions

Spectrum Renovations offers complete services to Investors and Realtors. We are licensed General Contractor serving the greater San Diego area and have the experience and expertise to provide maintenance, correction, and repair of foreclosed properties, and seized condos

Our attention to detail and pride in what we do allowed us to become a preferred vendor with Fannie Mae as a maintenance contractor in San Diego County.

Over the years, Spectrum Renovations has become the best choice for REO and Foreclosure repair and remodel. We specialize in the renovation and upgrading of existing spaces, working primarily on residential and commercial sites.

We provide a wide range of maintenance services, including insurance related restoration and repairs. If you are looking for REO Rehabber for all your project needs, Spectrum Renovations is your choice.

From landscaping to roofing, plumbing to electrical or to window and doors, Spectrum can perform all of your improvement needs.